Skate Trainers

There is no doubt that skateboarding is super awesome. Just rolling around on a skateboard is really fun and stomping down flip tricks and landing board slides and grinds give you a feeling like no other. Although the reality is that it takes a lot of practice to be able to be a good skater and taking a few spills and bails is expected when starting out and learning flip tricks and grinds. This comes with the territory but you shouldn’t let fear get in the way of learning and with skate trainers and balance boards you can Leave Out Fear when learning.

Here at LOFskateboarding we have prepared a guide and interactive comparison chart of the best skate trainers and skateboard teaching aids available. These unique and ingenious tools will help you increase your balance and help you learn skateboard tricks while removing the risk of falling and getting hurt. Learning how to skateboard should be fun and shouldn’t be scary, with these tools you can just Leave Out Fear in skateboarding so you can learn more comfortably and get better faster.

Carrom Balance Board

A flat balance board with a roller made out of wood that is guided by tracksBalance Board$52.98
Fitter First Bongo Balance Board
A skateboard deck with roller guided by tracks. A safety cord secures that roller in place.Balance Board$109.99
Fitter First Board Rock Balance Board
A skateboard deck with no trucks and wheels but rubber mounts and urethane domes.Balance Board/Trainer$119.95
Gorilla Wheel Grips
One large piece made from durable rubber that stretches over skateboard wheelsTrainer$24.99
Indo Board Original

A 30"x18" oblong deck with a 6.5" diameter roller and training DVDBalance Board$149.95
IndoBoard Rasta Mini Kicktail
A 28"x8.75" skateboard deck with kicktails with a 5" diameter roller and training DVDBalance Board$139.95
Revolution 101 Balance Board

A hardwood ply deck with Soft-Track Grip with a smooth roller which reduces noise.Balance Board$109.95
Skateboard Training Device
Four pieces of stretchable but durable rubber that each stretch over the four wheelsTrainer$25.99
Two pieces of rubber that bolt directly on to the skateboard deck which replaces trucks and wheelsTrainer$39.99
Wheelbone Trainer
One large piece made from durable rubber that stretches over skateboard wheelsTrainer$24.95

The products in the interactive comparison chart all differ although there are two types of of products presented. These two types are Trainers and Balance Boards:

  • Trainers – These type of skate trainers can be compared to training wheels on a bike. They remove the rolling aspect of skateboarding so you can concentrate on executing skateboard tricks without the worry of the board slipping out from under you. These types of trainers usually attach or bolt on to your existing skateboard setup.
  • Balance Boards – Balance Board type skate trainers help you and your skateboarding indirectly by increasing your balance and stability. It’s obvious that balance is a huge part of skateboarding so you can expect to learn faster with better balance. Balance board type trainers will usually consist of a board or deck with a roller.

Top Picks:

Since there are generally two types of skateboard trainers, there will not be a single product that will cater to every skaters needs.Each type of skate trainer may target specific aspects of skateboarding or may be more suitable in certain circumstances. This is why there are several skate trainers that will stand out more then others available on the market.

Top skate trainers: Wheelbone Trainer

The Wheelbone trainer is one long piece of durable rubber with loops on the corners to slip your wheels in. They stop your skateboard from rolling so you can perform and practice tricks without having to worry about your board slipping our from under you. This device really hones in on your skateboard tricks since you don’t have to worry about your skateboard rolling you can really concentrate on the actual trick.

The wheelbone is really easy to attach to your skateboard. Attaching the wheelbone is pretty straight forward. You just need to slip both wheels of one truck in then stretch it a little bit to fit the other two wheels of the other truck and it’s ready to use. The wheelbone is made out of rubber is when you’re done using it you can just fold it up and toss it in your bag. This makes it very practical for when you want bring it the skateboard to warm up or practice a new grind. The wheelbone has only one size and can fit any skateboard so your friends can try it out too.

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Top balance board trainer: IndoBoard Rasta Mini Kicktail

There are many balance board trainers on the market and honestly most will look and feel the same. Although the company called Indo Board has been one of the main innovators of balance boards which have made them quite famous.  The original Indo board had a deck that was quite wide and round which is great for surfers although doesn’t transfer so well with skaters. So the company came out with a their Rasta Mini Kicktail version which caters more to skaters.

The motion on this skate trainer won’t be exactly the same as if you were on a real skateboard but it will indirectly improve your skateboarding by honing on your balance. What makes this balance board better then the rest is that it has a deck that actually resembles a real skateboard deck with kick tails. Having kick tails means that you can do all tricks you can possibly think of on a regular skateboard but when you master tricks on the Rasta Indo board you will have it on lock every single time on a regular skateboard.

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Top combination: Fitter First Board Rock

Each of the two types of skate trainers have their unique characteristics. With one type focusing more on ollies and flip tricks while the other type focuses more on balance which is the core of skateboard. Although there is one product on the list that is a combination of both.

The Fitter first boardrock has a skateboard deck and instead of trucks and wheels it has rubber mounts and urethane domes. This makes it obviously good for practicing ollies and fip tricks but because of those urethane domes it practices your balance too. Regular balance boards will practice your balance between the nose and tail for manuals and nose manuals but what the boardrock does is it improves your lateral balance or your balance from side to side which will not only improve your carving skills but will also improve your grinds and help you with some of your flip tricks.

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The skateboard trainer for you:

From the guide above and the interactive comparison chart you may already have found the right product for you but remember that what may be good for you may not be good for others. We are all different, some may learn faster then others but don’t let that discourage you from becoming a great skateboarder.